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Trail & Trekking League

It’s only a week before a start of another Trail & Trekking League in Croatia. It’s a series of trail races and adventure runs (Croatians call these races Trekking races or just Trek) that are held mostly in Croatia, but also in Montenegro and in Bosnia and Herzegovina. First edition of Trekking League was in 2005 and it had only 6 races. Over years it changed selection and number of races and this year it brings us 13 different races. More than 3600 runners competed in league during past 8 years and almost 40% were women!

Races held on islands (Pašman, Krk, Cres, Mljet, Rab) usually follow ridges but will also take you along some beautiful beaches. They have less climbs but the course can be equally challenging, depending of category. Plus, you will get some spectacular views to the Adriatic and you can take a swim after crossing the finish line. 🙂 Continental races will take you over some of our most beautiful mountains (Velebit, Medvednica, Papuk) and you will have a chance to visit some charming hills in interior (Zagorje, Istria). Each race have 2 or 3 categories with distances that vary around 15/25/50 km. Velebit Ultra Trail, the most difficult (but also magical) race in this league (and probably in Croatia at all) has a 100+ km category and it will be a real challenge even for the most prepared runners.

Here’s the list of races. We hope we’ll see you on some of them:

Date Race Type
09 Feb 2013 Zagorje Kumrovec Trekk Adventure run
09 Mar 2013 Pašman Škraping New Age Adventure run
30 Mar 2013 Brooks IstraTrek Adventure run
27 Apr 2013 Krk Trail Trail race
25 May 2013 MedoTrekk Brutala Trail race / Adventure run
22-23 Jun 2013 Velebit Ultra Trail Trail race / Adventure run
03 Aug 2013 Sutjeska Trekk (BiH) Trail race / Adventure run
10 Aug 2013 Durmitor Brokeback MountainTrekk (MN) Trail race / Adventure run
07 Sep 2013 Jaska’s Wine Trek Adventure run
22 Sep 2013 Cres/Lošinj Trail Trail race
12 Oct 2013 Mljet Calypso Trail Trail race
02 Nov 2013 Papuk Trekk Adventure run
23 Nov 2013 Rab Trekk Adventure run


Some races, depending on category can be either trail race or adventure runs. However, these are not the only trail races in Croatia, so check the calendar for more. You can find more information about Trail & Trekking League at their official website (only in Croatian for now) and at their Facebook page.

P.S. There is another League of trail races and adventure runs that is organized with our friends from Slovenia, but more about that in next post… 🙂