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Zagorje Trekk Report

WP_20140208_09_25_46_ProAlthough location wasn’t as glamorous as on some other Croatian race (no view to the sea and no pine scent during the run) and although the event day wasn’t that attractive (late winter, rained all morning on the race day) we were happy as we could be, and the reason is that magic little thing called “The Atmosphere”. 🙂


Zagorje Trekk and
its organizers (i.e. Zagorje Adventure Team) are widely known by their hospitality and they showed us once again how to do it. Variety of free sweets and drinks at registrations made sure we don’t start thirsty or hungry. At hiking category, almost every other control point was feed zone and had cheerful hosts with pretty wide offer in food (salty and sweet) and drinks (including alcoholic drinks, including hard liquor :)). Sometimes with music or singing, too. The finish line was full with another dose of food, drinks, happy runners and friends. From the gourmand perspective this was a hit! 🙂


The course was interesting and made us think which route to choose and how to approach the next check point so the orienteering skills were highly needed. There were multiple options to choose (especially on ultra category), but all of them were more-or-less equal, so you could use them to run away from your chasers, but still wait for friends (if they chose a bit slower route), whatever suits you… Because of that rain early in the morning, everything and everybody was covered with mud, which was fun and it woke up the child in all of us. I am sure all of us have some story to tell. My favorite is about Jelena (aged 11, an orienteer), who took care of one group of  grownups that got lost and led them through checkpoints. It seems that map reading (even at young age) is a rewarding skill.

Everything you need for “run and fun” was there. Zagorje Trekk is great way to start a new season of adventure running, also known as “treking” here in Croatia.

See you next year,

Vanja & Mony