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Imber Trek


Have you heard about Imber Trek? Last year, it was a very small local race, more like an internal event for members of hiking club Imber from Omiš. There were 9 of them at the start line and 5 haven’t started due to bad weather and wet terrain.

A year later, almost 250 people in two categories are waiting for this weekend. Organizers worked hard to promote the race, find sponsors, mark trails and make it a real event. A trail has been prepared for both 10km and 25km category. We are happy to see how a small race can grow in just one year.

One of the prizes at Imber Trek will be a zip-line ride for two. And this is no ordinary zip-line ride. Take a moment to browse through Virtual tour of ZipLine Croatia and see what it looks like. 8 wires, 2100m in total, the longest wire is 700m long , the highest is 150m, and you gain a speed of 65km/h!!? 🙂 You cross the river Cetina, twice 🙂

You can register for a race until Thursday, 20 Mar. That’s tomorrow. Hurry up! 😉

Imber Trek is the first race in Spring Trekking Cup. The other two races in the Cup are Jesenice Treking on 12 Apr and Mosor Grebbening on 10 May.