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Winter Leagues in Zagreb region

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATomorrow starts Šojka Winter League in Samobor’s hills. From now until 21 Feb, every Saturday we have a nice race and after-race beer/hot wine with competitors, depending on the weather conditions. Šojka has two courses, 14.2km and 9.5km and they are both circular (same amount of climbs and descends).

On Sundays, there’s a Lagvić league on Medvednica, a bit shorter (5.5km), but steeper and only uphill. Almost every Sunday (e.g. this one is skipped because of road half-marathon in Zagreb) until 15 Feb. Alternative to Lagvić mountain race course, there’s also a road race to top of Medvednica. Uh, I am mentioning “road” twice in this small paragraph… 🙂

Winter leagues are quite popular here and there are many runners who like to run, no matter what weather conditions. I like those snow rounds, after new bunch of snow falls and you have to make your way through it. First guys have to guess where the course goes and the rest just follows through just made singletrack… 🙂

Still no sign of snow on our mountains, but the winter hasn’t started yet…