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Učka Vertical

This will be the fourth time that Ad Natura Sport organizes this event but it has a longer history. The race is moved to MAY so don’t miss it.

There are two refreshment points along the route that will provide water and isotonic drinks. There are also refreshments at finish line (water, isotonic, hot tea, fruit, biscuits). From the finish line, you will have to go on foot back to Medveja, following the same route.

Keep in mind that you have to carry with you at least half a litter of water. Besides that, mandatory gears prescribes survival blanket, first aid kit, whistle, backpack (or waist pack) and a mobile phone. That’s because the weather on Učka can change really quickly and while you could have started on a rather warm sunny day, you might end in chill windy cloud.

You can register for the race here. If you pay before 11 April, you have an early-bird price. More information about registration and payment at organizer’s web site.