At the moment, the most popular races in Croatia are Adventure runs (local names are Mountain Trek or Trekking race) that are essentially mixture of trail races (that you can find elsewhere in Europe and world) and orienteering races. The biggest difference with adventure runs is that the trail is not marked, so you can get lost, but for more information take a look at our Ultra Orienteering page. If you are concerned  about the length of ultra, all races have shorter categories …

Classical trail races and ultra trails with marked paths and aid stations every few kilometers are just developing in Croatia. We have seen first of these races in 2012, but for this season there are already several announcements.

There are also couple of trail marathons organised every year so if you are a marathoner, and you don’t want to get lost, take a look at these.

Of course, not everybody runs marathons, trail races or ultras, so we have a bunch of shorter one-time races or leagues with a series of races on the same course. These are typically races 5-10km, usually uphill, but there are also some up-and-down tracks. Find one for you here.

The races are organized all-over Croatia, on most of the mountains and hills, interior and islands. The calendar year is populated all-over, so whenever you’re visiting Croatia, you will find some race to run.

As already mentioned, we don’t cover road races, orienteering and adventure races, but take a look at our contacts page, there should be some useful contacts and links there that could help you.