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Salomon Ad natura Multisport Series

Ad natura SeriesWe can proudly say that our friends from Ad natura have an official sponsor for their Multisport Series and the series now has a new name: Salomon Ad natura Multisport Series. That’s right, a mighty Salomon is their sponsor. 🙂

Salomon Ad natura Multisport Series is a league of different types of races: one adventure race,  two adventure runs, two trail races and one mountain race. The whole series takes place in Kvarner region, well known terrain for Ad natura team. We are sure that each of the races will take us to naturally beautiful spots and viewpoints. You can collect the points on every race, and by the end of the year, we’ll see who is the greatest multisport athlete. 🙂

The races in the series are:

04-05 May 2013 KI Challenge Adventure race
08 Jun 2013 Risnjak Mountain Trek Adventure run
20 Jul 2013 Risnjak Trail Trail race
14 Sep 2013 Učka Trail Trail race
19 Oct 2013 Učka Vertical Mountain race
09 Nov 2013 Vinodol Trek Adventure run

You can find more info at official Ad natura website or at Salomon Ad natura Multisport Series Facebook page.

Accept the challenge and enter the world of Ad natura, the world of adventure!