Run with locals

Giving you just information where to go running or informing you about the race would be meaningless if we cannot get in touch. Sharing  stories and experiences with runners from all over the world is just as important as being out there on a trail (for me, at least :))

It’s always nice to remember people that you met at some race, ones that helped you overcome a crisis, ones that you encouraged to catch a  time-limit on a checkpoint and all those people that shared a trail with you. Getting in touch after the race or even prior to coming here could benefit both you and us. If you would like to try an adventure run but you don’t have a clue about map reading and navigating, I’m sure we’ll find someone that can take you with him/her and guide you to the finish line.

We are all runners and would like to help you and be your hosts in Croatia. That’s what I appreciate when I get somewhere.

If trail running is not exactly your thing, if you prefer road running, orienteering, adventure racing, cycling, any other outdoor sport and need some information, drop us an e-mail and we’ll try to help you. We don’t discriminate road runners 🙂