UTMB qualifying races

UTMB Qualifying race logoIn case you are an ultra trail or trail runner, you probably know what this page is about. In case you are not, let me explain…

In a world of ultra trail races, there’s one really prestigious race, Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc. It’s the most popular trail race in Europe and one of the most popular ultra trail races in the world. The number of competitors that want to compete in a race (or one of the races in UTMB event) is several times higher than the limit for maximum number of runners. So, you have to finish qualifying races and collect certain number of points in order to even try to enroll. You need to collect 9 points in maximum of 3 race in last 2 years. That means that you have to finish at least one race that has 3 or 4 points. Also, they lately introduces new scoring system, so we have old points and new points… If you’re really interested, go here.

The list of current Croatian UTMB qualifying races:

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