I must admit that this is not a complete list of trail/adventure/mountain races in Croatia. The selection criteria is not clear, I just found it hard to keep up with growing number of new and local races. 🙂 The most important, most beautiful and most popular races should be here. Local running leagues and some smaller races are probably not.

If you have a fixed plan for visiting Croatia and you want to compete in some race, send us an e-mail, we’ll try to find you something.

The same thing goes for Croatian race organizers. If you wish to promote your race to foreign runners, send us an e-mail and we’ll do our best to help you…


04julAll DayCancelledRisnjak TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:Kvarner TrailsLength:30km / 16km Elevation change:1500m+ / 826m+

11julAll DayLastovo TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:Dalmatian Trail LeagueLength:21km / 10km Elevation change:800m+ / 300m+

12julAll DaySljeme marathonRace Format:Trail marathonLength:42.2 km / 28km / 14 km


14aug(aug 14)8:00 pm15(aug 15)3:00 amCancelledTrekking under starsRaša Night TrekRace Format:Adventure run,RogainingRace Info:Istrian Trekking CupLength:40 km / 25 km / 12 km Elevation change:1500m+ / 1000m+ / 400m+

22augAll DayŽumberak TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:KontinenTrail LeagueLength:50 km / 25 km / 15 km / 8 km Elevation change:2350 m+ / 1370 m+ / 750 m+ 730 m+


12sepAll DayCancelledUcka TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:Kvarner TrailsLength:42km / 31km / 16km Elevation change:2175m+ / 1342m+ / 856m+

12sepAll DayCancelledOgulin TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:KontinenTrail LeagueLength:33km / 13km Elevation change:1600 m+ / 600m+

12sepAll DayCancelledVela StrkaVela Luka OutdoorsRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:Dalmatian Trail League

24sep(sep 24)8:00 am27(sep 27)11:00 pmCancelledFeatured100 Miles of IstriaUltra-Trail World TourFirst postponed, now cancelledRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:ITRA points,National Trail Cup,Ultra Trail World Tour,UTMB qualifying race,WSER qualifying raceLength:168km / 128km / 67km / 41km / 20km Elevation change:6390m+ / 4940m+ / 2150m+ / 940m+ / 140m+

26sepAll DaySinj TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:Dalmatian Trail LeagueLength:33 km / 22 km / 11 km


03octAll DayCancelledTrail Three RiversZrmanja Adventures FestivalRace Format:Trail raceLength:17.7 km / 10.2km

03octAll DayCancelledŽdral TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:KontinenTrail LeagueLength:5km / 13km / 25km

03octAll DayCancelledGreen Trail MljetRace Format:Trail raceLength:34 km / 11 km

03octAll DayCancelledHahlici TrailFirst postponed to October. Now cancelled.Race Format:Trail raceRace Info:Kvarner TrailsLength:18km / 12km Elevation change:967m+ / 471m+

16oct(oct 16)8:00 am18(oct 18)11:00 pmFeaturedDalmacija Ultra TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:National Trail CupLength:120 km / 54 km / 18 km Elevation change:5160 m+ / 2140 m+ / 830 m+

25octAll DayCancelledBarać forest trailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:KontinenTrail League

31octAll DayCancelledLošinj TrailCres & Lošinj Trail WeekendRace Format:Trail raceLength:23 km / 15 km / 8 km


01novAll DayCancelledCres TrailCres & Lošinj Trail WeekendRace Format:Trail raceLength:25 km / 15 km / 8 km

07novAll DayCancelledFeaturedDubrovnik TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:National Trail CupLength:74 km / 36 km / 7 km Elevation change:3350m+ / 1400m+ / 390m+

07novAll DayCancelledMalinska TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:Kvarner TrailsLength:24 km / 14 km Elevation change:315 m+ / 158 m+

14novAll DayCancelledBan TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:KontinenTrail LeagueLength:7km / 15km / 27km Elevation change:200m+ / 500m+ / 900m+

21novAll DayCancelledValamar TrailWhere the hills meet the seaRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:National Trail CupLength:61 km / 35 km / 11 km Elevation change:1990m+ / 1160m+ / 440m+

21novAll DayCancelledSvetica TrekRace Format:Adventure runRace Info:Istrian Trekking Cup

29novAll DayCancelled100% TrailRace Format:Trail raceRace Info:KontinenTrail LeagueLength:25 km / 16 km / 7 km Elevation change:760m+ / 510m+ / 260m+


05decAll DayCancelledIstrian Trekking Cup Mastersunknown locationRace Format:Adventure runRace Info:Istrian Trekking Cup


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