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Aquapac partnership

AquapacWe are happy to announce partnership with local dealer of Aquapac products. In case you don’t know, Aquapac is reputable brand in stormproof and waterproof bags. And we are not talking about some splash proof protection, these products are designed for full water immersion (IPX8)!

For runners, there’s plenty to choose. Waterproof bags for our mobile phones and GPS devices, for small (and big) cameras, MP3 players and much more. And if you are interested in some other sport (let’s say adventure racing, kayaking, watersports), you’ll find map covers, dry sacks, duffel bags, etc.

You can see usage of Aquapac products wherever you find some sport that is  in contact with water. If it worked for Croatian Ad Natura Adventure Team in the last wild expedition race in hard conditions in Patagonia, it will work for us too! 🙂

You can buy Aquapac products in stores in over 60 countries around the world, but if you are shopping in Croatia, try these:

  • IgluSport, multiple stores in Croatia, but the biggest one is in Zagreb, Radnička cesta 1A
  • Vrhunac, also Zagreb, Vlaška 78
  • Surfshop, Zagreb, Ladislava Štritofa 18
  • Americanshop, stores in Zagreb and Split

In this occasion we would like to point out new items in Aquapac range: 2L PackDivider Drysack (other options are 4L to 13L) and 40L Upano waterproof Duffel bag.