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Risnjak Trail Reminder

RT-banerToday is the last day for registrations for Risnjak Trail. If you are still changing your mind whether to go or not, let me count some arguments why to go:

  • The race is held inside the national park Risnjak, which is already beautiful enough. The organizer chose some of the best trails that offer great views and scenery so it will be pity to miss this.
  • The course is marked and has two refreshment points, so you don’t have to think about map and carry full backpacks. This is something completely new in Risnjak, no more getting lost and searching for checkpoint for several hours. 🙂
  • The organizer is Ad natura who has the highest standards in race organization and cool T-shirts that people don’t just throw at the rear end of their closet.
  • The lineup at start is impressive. Goran Lesjak, Ivan Blečić, Goran Murić, Stiven Vunić are the top names in Croatian (trail) running scene. You can experience how fast this guys run away from you and you don’t see them until the end. 🙂
  • The entrance point to national park in Crni lug (start/finish of the race) offers delicious pancakes and strudels with blueberries. This alone is a good reason to register.

The only good excuse for not coming is if you already registered for first trail race on Brač – From Heaven to Hell and Back. 🙂