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Vanka regule

Vanka reguleVanka regule is the most famous outdoor adventure sport & film festival in Croatia. It is held  every year in July in Sutivan on island of Brač, and this year it is from 14 July to 21 July. Outdoor and adventure community gather to have fun, party and compete in all kinds of different disciplines (e.g. bike, running, climbing, sea sports, longboard, slackline, parkour, etc.). It’s not a kind of competition where the top athletes would come, the moto could be like “take it easy and enjoy…”. Although there is a timetable when competitions start, it’s more like a guideline and competitions start when enough people gather. Just have that in mind. 🙂 Translation of the festival name would be something like “Without rules” and it certainly lives up to its name.

From the running competitions, two and half races are listed:

First one is a trail running race “From Heaven to Hell and Back“, which is happening on Friday, 19 July (or, it should happen on Friday). When Gripmaster was on Brač this spring, he was so inspired by the beauty and wilderness of terrain that he wanted to organize a race there. And here it is…

On Saturday, 20 July, there should be another trail race, but the only information is that it’s 10km long and the name of the race is Inov-8 Trail Running Challenge. If you’re there, just ask someone.

The last half is for Run & Climb, a mixture of running and climbing. You get 2.5 hours to run between popular climbing spots (6 of them) and you have to climb at least one route at every climbing spot. 🙂 Additional climb routes add additional points and if you break the limit of 2.5 hours, you are disqualified. 🙂 The race is for teams of two and you (obviously) need rock climbing skills.

This is a schedule but the schedule is for changing. It would be best if you just go there for a whole week and enjoy the vibe. I am sure there’ll be a plenty of trail runners there and that some casual runs will be possible (maybe on one of our recommended trails?). Don’t forget about the film festival which will feature some cool outdoor adventure movies.