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Summer is over. And we are back!

Mljet island - Lost horizon

Hi to all, long time no see. 🙂

We thought it would be good to leave you alone for summer, we hope you spent some time away from work and computer, either on the seaside or in the mountains and that you found some horizon that you can just stare at… We concentrated on answering your e-mails and help you find some trails to run. Not much was going on in racing scene. It was too hot for racing and writing on web anyway. And we were lazy, I admit. 🙂

If you had a chance to run at some new location in Croatia or if you have some story to share,  you can do that on our Facebook page (if you can’t stand Facebook, write us an e-mail, we like feedback).

As the summer is ending (at least the look from my window say so), running and racing season starts again. September is packed with races (more on that in next post) and the temperatures allow you not to overheat on training.

Happy running,

TRC team