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Učka Trail

UT-bannerI wanted to write a nice article about Učka Trail, how it was my first race, how I love coming back to Učka and so on, but half of my thoughts are somewhere in Chamonix… 🙂

I’ll just shortly say that although this is a first edition of Učka Trail, the race was being organized in different formats (2-person night race, 1-person adventure run) for the last 10 years. Every year the course was different, we have climbed to Vojak peak from almost every possible direction and visited countless hidden gems and spots on this beautiful mountain (and nearby area :)).

This year’s course will offer you some of the best trails and nicest views. The date for race is 14 September, but the deadline for registrations is 01 September, that’s this Sunday.

Don’t miss it! And see you there! 🙂


P.S. More info at official website and Facebook page