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Trail Running World

fb-webimageWe started a new project – Trail Running World! 🙂

The idea is to create a trail running community hub, a place where you can look for trail running communities. As we all like maps, we built a interactive map where you can browse for countries and cities and see if there is some local trail running community there…

We opened a web with 50 communities allover, but we know there are tons more. If you know of trail running club or community, please, let us know and we’ll put it on the map. We cover from small clubs to communities tied to whole countries (like Australia). We won’t list races, you have ahotu Marathons for that. 😉 We also won’t promote agencies that offer trail tours. It’s all about connecting runners that love trail. If you travel somewhere, take a look at the map before….

Also the other idea that goes with web is to collect photos from different communities that could go as background image. We can then write a small note about photo and community and thus promote it.

Of course, there’s a Facebook page that goes with it…