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Trail & Trekking League Finale

trc_rab_01The end of the 10th season of Trail & Trekking League is near. It’s the series of trail and adventure run races that started a full decade ago, and it shaped a trail running scene in Croatia.

In first years, we were always running around with a map and a compass, losing somewhere in the wild, finding again, telling stories and hanging out. First season had only 6 races and there were maybe 300 of us (like in the movie :)). During years, new races were added to the league, some were taken out, but the number of competitors was constantly growing. People also started organizing races in Monte Negro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, that were part of the league. A swift towards trail format happened only few years ago so Trekking League became Trail & Trekking League – offering something for both those who prefer just running, but also for those (me) who like to get lost once in a while… 🙂

This season, there are 14 races in a league and around 2500 people has already competed in one of the several categories. The League has visited all parts of Croatia, including couple of our national and nature parks and competitors had a really good chance to get to know our (beautiful) country. 🙂

The finale of the season is on 29 Nov on island of Rab, also one of the special places on our coastline. It’s an adventure run (also called trekking in Croatia), but the orientations should be simple enough for everyone. Registrations are opened until this Friday, 12:00. Don’t miss sandy beaches around Lopar and rocky ridge with a view on Velebit mountain. Don’t miss a big after-race party and a prize giving ceremony for the 10th Trail & Trekking League…

You can find more info about the race at our race page.