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The Dark League

You won’t find the Dark League in our race calendar because… I am afraid what would happen if someone accidentally show up on start without really knowing what kind of race it is. 🙂

It’s a series of 8 races during January and start of February on Medvednica (Zagreb), mostly in the evenings, but with 2 rounds early in the morning (5.30 am!). Usual words that come to my mind when describing the races are: dark, cold, snow, fog, lost… 🙂 Every round has a new course which is announced before the whole league starts, so we can go on terrain and do the research (and we do!). Only checkpoints are given so we have to decide which is the best course for us.

Runners are segmented in five divisions. When you first show up on the league, you are in the lowest, fifth division. If you’re fast enough, you advance to higher division. Of course, too slow runners from higher divisions lose their status and fall to lower ones. It’s a structure that keeps us addicted to the system and it’s often the most important league in the season (although it’s off season :)).

You can catch a bit of the atmosphere in this nice teaser that Marko Orešković prepared. If you have a chance to join us and you don’t find anything disturbing in this video, drop us an e-mail and we’ll do the talk… 🙂