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Races in the neighbourhood

s1Trail-banner-02-240Hi, we have a new feature on the web. It’s not anything big. We decided to add another thing to a list of things that we promote: races in the neighbourhood. If you would like to promote your race on our website and the race is in the Croatian neighbourhood (I don’t have a formula how far it can be, let’s just stick to neighbor countries…) contact us.

Our first offer to all of you who will be near is La corsa della bora (English: The Bora wind run, Croatian: Utrka bure). It’s a nice technical course and you can choose between two distances: 53km and 21km. The date is 06 Jan 2016 and you can find more information on official web site (English, Croatian, Slovenian).

So let’s say that you make this New Year’s resolution: “I will run a 50k this year”. You can fulfill it by the end of the week!!  🙂

There are plenty of more races in Slovenia (e.g. 100 Ultra Trail Vipava Valley) or Bosnia (e.g. Jahorina Trail) that could be interesting for anyone visiting or living in Croatia so we’ll try to keep you informed about what’s going on in the neighborhood…

P.S. The last big feature update was interactive map with races and trails so if you missed that one, check it out here. It’s also accessible by that green button in top right corner. It’s on every page.