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Alpe Adria Trekking Cup

Hi, as we mentioned in a previous post that there’s another league of adventure runs and trail races where you can collect points throughout the year and compete with your friends. This league is called Alpe Adria Trekking Cup and is held in Croatia (Istria and Kvarner regions) and Slovenia. That means, for all of you from Italy, Austria or neighbor countries: it’s really close and worth coming to these races:


16 Feb 2013 Brtonigla Adventure Treking Adventure run
02 Mar 2013 Marčana Treking Adventure run
23 Mar 2013 Škofjeloški Treking (SLO) Adventure run
30 Mar 2013 Brooks IstraTrek Adventure run
04 May 2013 Grobnik Trek Adventure run
13 Jul 2013 Bovec Trek Race (SLO) Adventure run
21 Sep 2013 Cres Trail Trail race / Adventure run
28 Sep 2013 Bohinjski Trek (SLO) Adventure run


We’ll inform you about these races as they approach. In the meantime, you can book your calendar, check official website of the league (in Croatian and Slovenian) or ask anything on their Facebook page.