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May race calendar

Sorry for a delay in writing. A bad event reminded us how fragile we are and how much we should appreciate life and fact that we are able to run. I didn’t feel like writing, but since lot is going on, I should at least inform you about races in May…

The May is knocking on our door and it has as many races as April. I want to point out that mountain races season is starting – for all of you that don’t prefer ultras and don’t want to get lost on one of our adventure runs. 🙂 I’ll just give you a list and you choose for yourself.

01 May 2013 Kamešnica mountain race Mountain race
05 May 2013 MicrOtrekk Adventure run
18 May 2013 Kozjak mountain race Mountain race
19 May 2013 Ĺ ojka Trek Adventure run
25 May 2013 MedoTrekk Brutal Adventure run
26 May 2013 Biokovo mountain race Mountain race


There are few more races, but they have sort-of-underground touch. I’ll just say the first one is on 1 May in Risnjak area, and other is on 11 May in Zagreb region. If you want to know, drop us an e-mail and we’ll tell you what’s it all about. If you’re interested in adventure racing or orienteering, you can also contact us and we’ll give you the information you need.

One more news about the race, but not from May. We added to trail marathons section another marathon: Eko Flor Trail Marathon. You have enough time to prepare yourself and join us on our first official championship in long distance mountain running.

It’s nice out there. Go out and run…